Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When i close my eyes.....

Right now I don't have any prominent thing in particular to share, but i wanted to share few things which are staying inside me for quite a long time now. Yes there are few anecdotes, places, acquaintances, machines, colors, dresses, vehicles,paths, books, movies ......∞. My mind wanders among these whenever i close my eyes. Interesting thing is not all of those has made a scar in my life except few but still they all stay inside me. So I wanted them to be recorded somewhere and i don't have a better place than my blog.

When I close my eyes.....

.......Small...very small wooden chairs of my kindergarten classroom.

.......The corridor where i used to play frantically in the lunch breaks.

......Sindhu.... a cute little girl who would have their fleshes in her nail by fierce pinches if someone even think of drinking water from her pet bottle but would tender me that bottle with so much care.

......A small customized  rectangular shaped seat, which my father used to fix on his bicycle handle bar to seat me.

......Terrace of my hindi tutor's house.

....... 2 elder boys with the same name 'Prem' , both of them were my childhood guardians.

....... The 'Train' cracker that we used to fire on diwalis

This is going to be a ever-growing post, whenever my mind revisits(past) or imagines something new, I am gonna update this post.Keep looking this one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love story - Erich segal

Before you continue reading this post, a small word of caution for those who haven't read this book and planning to read sooner,do not continue reading this post since it has spoilers and for those who doesn't have a plan to read, You better read the book :-).

This really is the Mother of all poignant Love storiesWhy ? The story was first published in 1970, when the love stories were accustomed to have a "And-they-lived-happily-ever" ending but then when this book was published it left a dent on everyones heart whoever read that. If you were born between 1970-80,  you would have been named as 'Jenny' if you are a female and 'Oliver' if you are male, Yes the characters made such a huge impact on the readers.

Whenever we read stories few of them amazes us on author's intellectual skills.we will register few of the ideas into our brain to apply them in our real time situations but these kinda stories never make it to our heart but LS is something straightaway finds a place in your heart and the protagonists are going to remain there for decades. The book has a sequel released in 1977,the name is 'Oliver's story'. I am desperately looking forward to read that one.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interpreter of maladies - by Jhumpa lahiri

This is the first book by Jhumpa and it is a collection of 9 short stories. The book has won the Pulitzer prize for Fiction 2000, truly deserves one. Her prose is scintillating and so meticulous that she can write a short story on just combing your hair. She helps us a lot in visualizing the vicinities where the story dwells through her amazing endowment on describing every character, every place, every mood in detail. kudos to that. The title might suggest that all the stories carry only maladies, No thats not the case, not all of them falls on that line, the stories are coated with sensible humor, irony and impersonal compassion. I was gratified (thanks to those reviews i read which urged me to buy this book). My Favorite stories are : "A Temporary matter" and "A Real durwan".

disclaimer : the image is solely owned by the publisher of the book

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chetan Baghat - Making me read like never before

    "He is making Indians read like never before" - Times of India

     That is one of the blurbs i read on the "Praises to the Author" page in his maiden book (as writer) "Five point someone" and so is it for me as a reader (its quite a long gap so i would admit it as maiden). I didn't understand the truth hidden on that review until i finished reading that book. For a rookie reader to finish a book in 2 sittings :-) is something to crow.

 The credit goes not to the reader but to the author who dumped so much indulgence on it.The moment i finished FPS, i was craving to read all his publications so far and i did that too. In the next 4 days i quenched my thirst by reading all his 4 publications on the trot.

Next thing I did, Logged in to Orkut and registered myself as a member to one his fans community. For those, who are used to Paulo coelho, Jhumpa Lahiri...etc this post of Praising Chetan Baghat might sound as a heap of amplified statements but for me he is the one who kindled the Passion of reading in me, so I have to be, I should be and I will be all praises for him.

    I wouldn't declare his narration is impeccable rather I would say the blemishes are trivial though.He certainly will make the book a worthy buy, by putting us many times in a Nostalgic situation and will make us smile,frown,pity,long and what not. His prose is more of pragmatic rather than a fabricated one and thats what helps us to relate to situations at ease. When you could easily relate to the situations, you are more attracted to the novel and the author, thats where chetan baghat scores. I am thankful to him for inducing in me one of the celebrated and healthy addictions - "Reading". He has made me to read like never before and I am certain he would have made such impact in many as that blurb reads.

disclaimer: the images are solely owned by the Publisher of the books

Sunday, November 8, 2009


 மரணம் உண்மை என்றால்,
என் கண்ணோடு ் உரையபோகும் கடைசி காட்சி உன் முகமென்பது,
மரணத்திற்கு நிகரான உண்மை.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wept for the long gone steam engines

    The title would have certainly made you say... What ? ... weeping ? that too for a steam engine ? c'mon dude. Even I am myself such a guy who wont buy that even on a situation where  a girl lying on my chest looking at my eyes straight with full of love saying so... but, i have to admit YES i cried. I cried for the discontinuation of steam engines on India. There is this illustrious NatGeo Documentary " The Great Indian Railways ", all those who indulge in watching Discovery, NatGeo or so called infotainment channels would have come across this Doc. It was shot a decade before i.e., in the early 90's when our National railways authorities decided to orphan the BLACK BEAUTIES... yes the steam engines were called so.

    This NatGeo documentary is one of the best, which will make you see the Steam engines as a living, Breathing thing. It certainly depicts the character that a Train has. May be because we indians are used to admire trains right from our childhood, May be because the Railway stations and Trains has been a part of all our great indian cinemas all these years, May be because Trains are the ones that took us to different destinations..for marriage ceromonies, for festivals, for a death of someone close to us, for a journey which would introduce us to our love, for the survival and for all the memorable journeys of life.....we see it more as a living being than just a giant transporter. Had if our Railway authorities seen this documentary before they decided to stop the steam engines, they would have  chose some other ways to keep these beauties to continue their admiring journeys. The impact that this documentary made on me is hard to describe. At the end of the movie i was weeping like a child who weeps watching her mother leaving him alone. I strongly recommend the video to all, especially to the train admirers. It really is a tribute to those BLACK BEAUTIES.

Monday, October 19, 2009


பல  வருடங்கள் , பல   பள்ளி ஆசிரியர்கள் ,
என்னை கொட்டி கொட்டிேய  வீங்கிய என் அம்மாவின் முட்டிகள்,
என்னை அடித்து முறிந்த பெரம்புகள்,
இவையால்  வராத இலக்கணமும், தமிழும் ,
உனை  கண்ட கனம் முதல் கொட்டுதே கவிதையாக. 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kamal haasan - The illusionist

    The name is illustrious for numerous things,you cant fit him into a single profile. He is the synonym for versatility and no one will deny that even those who criticize him.As far as i know or most of us know he is the only artist who have completed a 50 long but successfull years in the cinema industry.In the last few days i could see him frequently in the TV shows like interviews, debates.. which is definitely new to all of us becoz a artist at his standard will appear only in a month of sundays but he seem to be easily accessible to common man.
    I always used to admire him and every day its growing inside me like a bamboo plant. He is undoubtedly, certainly a legend and Tamil cinema industry is fortunate to have such artists in its stable. He lives for what he does, he does what he likes to live, he doesnt have different roles in life. Unlike a common man he doesnt have a personal and professional life seperately. He has only 2 things in his mind, 1.How to push his industry to next level ? and 2. how soon it can be done ? He may not be young phisically but he is restless, out of 53 years he has spent his 50 years in cinema, truely he is a apotheosis.

    Take the emotions and fury from Al Pacino, Take the mobster attitude from Robert de niro, Take the hillarious expressions from Rowan attkinson and mix them all 30 % of kamal haasan is ready but the remaining 70% ? no one else can fill that except kamal himself. He is very shrewd both on the screen and off the screen. Its hard to define him in few paragraphs it might need more than that. Though he is less educated, he is a university of life where you can learn anything about art,literature and even rationalism. Like kamaraj to Tamilnadu politics kamal is to Tamil cinema. It wont be a exaggeration if a Film institute is named after him.At 53 he is still a youth icon and a legend to follow. Let the next 50 years be more educative to us, the Movie maniacs. Long Live Kamal Haasan !

A Tribute to Dr.Kamala haasan

Run of life

2 weeks back i was on a one day trip to Namakkal accompanied by 2 other colleagues to attend one of my colleague's marriage. Marriage was in the morning 6-7.30 AM, we attended and went back to the hotel and napped for a couple of hrs and started from Namakkal around 1'O clock and reached salem around 2.30 PM. Our Return train was from salem @ 3.15 PM and the name of the train is 'DHANBAD EXPRESS'. We had a quick lunch and reached station by auto @ 3.00 PM. The digital display in the station read that 'DHANBAD EXPRESS' will arrive at Platform No.1.we reached the PF.1 in few mins and my watch showed 3.10. When we reached the platform there was a train already waiting there and the name of the train read as 'ALLEPY EXPRESS', so we decelerated our walking pace thinking that once 'ALLEPY EXPRESS' goes off the 'DHANBAD EXPRESS' will arrive here.

    The other 2 guys got busy with their mobile phones,one with his wife,the other one with his 7th true lover and i was jus observing the persons running here n there suddenly my phone went on ringing and it was Mani one of my old colleague but still we are in touch, coincidently he belongs to salem and i was talking with him meanwhile the train started moving. We all 3 of us were busy with this hand held device, The train started to run @ a good pace and and and....i was dismayed to see a name board on one of the coaches reading 'DHANBAD-ALLEPY-EXPRESS'..... my heart missed a beat or two by looking at that, for a moment i went blank and came back to reality becoz the train's pace was so high that it needs a hollywood action hero :-) in you to chase n catch that. I turned and shouted on these 2 guys... hey Graham bells !! u saw that ? this the train we have to board ... this is the dhanBAD Express. for a second we 3 froze and started running towards the train, the worst thing is i have a BackPack and a plastic cover in which i have my shoe and the most biggest hinderance my weight... I am 114 kg giant wearing a floater which was not at all letting me to run.... so slippery it was still i ran like i never before have done that. The moment i placed my left foot on the steps i could feel the speed of the train it should be moving atleast @ 30kmph, a spine chilling experience but i regretted for that after making it. What if i have slipped, OMG i couldnt imagine. really a haunting anecdote.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 days of indulgence

It always gives a pleasure to any beings to get pampered. Last weekend was one such occasion for me, yes going to one of your frenz home is something you should never miss especially if its pradeep's home (salem) .... naa never :-). Occasion was one of my frendz marriage, it was on sunday morning on a hotel located between erode and bavani so our plan was to reside on pradeep's home @ salem and attend the marriage from there. Salem/Erode these are some of the destinations which always kindles the eternal reminiscences of college days so whenever i get a chance of visting these places i jump in. We reached salem JN by 6 AM, sky was gloomy, air was so cool, gave me a hill station feeling and also an urge for a hot cup of tea. we reached home in few mins and we were welcomed with a hot cup of tea (i was so happy). Me, Tma,pradeep n pradeep's dad were involved in a interesting chat for an hour then we slept for an hour or so... had breakfast... gagged for few hours and had lunch... then we left to 'Hot shots' a place we used to patronize during our college days to play snooker. We played for 2-3 hrs.Next day attended the marriage reception and returned back home, we went for a pleasant walk in the evening around home that was a big time, will stay for few years with me.

Crying clown

My first rap....goes like this....

Take away from me all that you can grab
but i swear i'll shatter if you backstab
i cant stand all that you backbite
hit me straight if you're f**cking right

Making everyone happy is all that i know
whoever..whatever.. i never used to say NO
but when someone try to take me on a ride
i'll defend myself to save my own pride

There is nothing that i own
here i am sitting all alone
pretending as if i was never blown
but you know what... i am a crying clown

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking points of my life

There will be some factor for every individuals which pushes them to stick on to this process of existing i mean surviving every day, for someone it might be money, for someone it might be fame...it depends and differs. For few there may not be anything and still they don't give a damn abt it and they will continue living but i am not such a numbed zombie. I know what makes me live my life at ease, the list is a short one but i live with it.
smells, Music, Movies, Places,few good people and serenity. It might sound weird if i say that i breakdown whenever i smell few particular smells, when i hear a song when i am alone, when i watch movies engrossed, when i go to some places which had made a scar in my life by good means or otherwise and few people i meet. I have to talk a movie about each of those on how they make a mark everytime when i encounter them. so i'll write more on it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Moonwalker walked for the last time

Music lost its identity on 25th june 09. The iconic legend who was the 1st known english singer for those who born after 80's is dead. An era of a great musician came to sudden end before his comeback tour... he is never gonna comeback. Apart from the controversial personal life as a musician he is irreplacable and unforgettable. His album remains still the most sold in the history of music. He has inspired more than 2 generation of people with his plethoric talent in singing and dancing. We knew him as the 1st person to moonwalk on earth. The King of Pop died on June 25th due to a severe cardiac arrest. We are gonna miss his short pants,white socks, Black hat, Black shoes and the hauuuuuuuuu !!!!. We are gonna miss his casual moonwalk. We are gonna miss you Mike. You will live as long as the music exists, R.I.P.

All these years i was searching for a significant incident on my b'day to happen but i never expected that MJ will die on the same day when i was born.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25 - I Born again 27th time

1 hour passed since my 27th birthday, i am sharing how my b'day passed by. The b'day started for me @ my office itself yesterday,coz i was there till 12.30 AM. I got the 1st two wishes from my Team mates ... Thanked them for commencing my day with wishes. I was woke up by prem who called me around 8 AM and he was the 1st one amongst my mates to wish me. Then my phone was inundated with calls from my other mates. I hit the shower and left to office around 12.30 PM and had lunch with my frends @ Olympia FC.In my office our team celebrates everyone's b'day in the conventional way by cutting cakes and presenting a gift for the occasion.... same done for me later in the evening.i was gifted a Notebook and a tiny Planner...Tiny is the apt word :-) nevertheless a gift is a gift. I came back to house early around 8.45 PM to drop my mom @ Railway station, @ my house my sister,niece and nephew were waiting with a small cake to be cut by me. A quiet cake cutting happened and I fed them and they did so as well.yeah its nice to have such a day celebrated when everyone greets you with smile and they make your day special even if you give a damn abt that. The more you age the more responsibilities you embrace.

A small information to share with you all about the June Month. Here you go !!!!

June is known for the large number of marriages that occur over the course of the month. June is named after Juno (Hera). Juno was the goddess of marriage and a married couple's household, so some consider it good luck to be married in this month.In both common and leap years, no other month begins on the same day of the week as June.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am writing this blog from my office kiosk, after few days i have got some leisure time to spend since i have closed all the issues thrown at me... hehehe yaarukitta !! ? nothing coming up to my mind to write anything interesting, so i'll write abt the behaviours of the persons sitting around me in this kiosk. first guy who is sitting straight to me i reckon is trying to break the monitor by staring at it like a alien species, strange look but funny and this guy sitting next to me to my left looks like a dumb fella. apparently he is searching for another job in the same filthy s/w field. for me he looks like a inmate applying for a transfer from one prison to another :-p hehehehe. ok i gotta call leaving.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

India out of T20 Worldcup

The news is defending T20 champions thrashed out of the tournament, yes india is out of the T20 worldcup. Dream of a billion comes to an end. Though the indian team had the best batting lineup of all other teams, everyone struggled other than yuvi. The opponents has spotted out the weakness of each indian batsmen especially the top order. Almost all of the young lads like Rohit sharma, Suresh raina and Ravinder Jadeja are struggling for the short ball. They need to put some desperate effort in the nets to overcome that, else certainly in the next match they can expect more balls coming towards their nose than to their waist. Bowling department showed convincing form, atleast here in the overseas they get a chance to prove. As a captain there was nothing extraordinary, there were one or two occasions where he came up in the order which slowed the pace of the match. In 20-20 format scoring run a ball is not at all enough, the scoring rate should be atleast with a strike rate of 150, our openers and top order failed to do that, they need to be more aggressive like yuvi. Yuvi was the targeted key batsmen for any team played against us. He has the capability of turning the match to indian side untill he is there in the crease. If he is out there then its a pain for the opponent team captain. Ok! Verdict is india is not yet seasoned enough to dominate the overseas venues.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ever felt Paranoid ?...Don't be...it sucks man :-@

What is happening to me right now in my life is something i have never gone thru before.This is one phase of my life i am feeling me differently. My way of thinking,acting,reacting,understanding things as a matter of fact my way of living is weird from my nature. Problem is i am feeling paranoid, yes suddenly i started feeling there are no frendz in whom i can put my trust on,hard to live with this.for me dunno how to get outta its not something to be sorted out from my end. Has to be dealt with my frendz, will do that looking for a appropriate time. Its leaking drop by drop now,lemme stop it right away before there is a flood around me which might drown me in.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bangalore Sojourn

After a year and half gap we went to bangalore on the May 1st long weekend. First time in car from chennai and the road made us to think about visiting bangalore often becoz it was well maintained throughout till bangalore, definitely Commendable. Bangalore as ever it fulfilled our expectations,This city is unique in whole south hmmmm whole india i should say. youngalore is how it should have been renamed rather than Bengaluru, its hard to see old ppl there. you will keep yourself young by heart and by body with ease if you live there. Whenever i visit bangalore i always feel bad for missing out such a groovy place. We stayed @ one of our friend's (Yuvaraj a.k.a Yuvi) Flat. We were there for 2 1/2 days, 1st day we went to a waterfalls around 130 kms away from the city. It was a rock mountain where we couldnt see either much crowd or a falls. There comes a local guy, he took us all the way down the mountain it was steep steeper steepest. with full of slippery surface it was a adventures trekking experience should have burnt 1 or 2k calories :-p. Its good that everything gone well and no mishap happened, we came back safely.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Neyveli Township

Last week i went to Neyveli, the origin of our chennai electricity. I was amazed by many things lemme list out. First and foremost the "Neyveli Township" its a town built and maintained by the NLC (Central Government). i have never seen such a planned city in tamilnadu so far it was like roaming inside a Defence area, each n every road (Avenues not roads) that you hit will stretch out for 8-10 kms dead straight and every 200 meters a intersection, every 1 km a roundtana and importantly Trees on road's shoulders and even in the dividers. Its a natural shooting spot, i wonder how we are missing this serene location in our Tamil movies, i bet a full movie can be shot there. IF you get a chance to visit dont miss it. oh yeah i forgot to tell what was the occasion, jus visited one of frendz grandma's house. Nice Trip, one more to cherish.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rock on and on and on.....

This is a long weekend for me, holiday on friday for "Good Friday" yeah this really the good friday among all other fridays in a year..gets us a break for 3 days :-P. I saw 2 movies during this bail out, 1 among them is "ONG BAK 2" - i have 4 words as my review of the movie " DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE " lemme add 2 more words " IT SUCKS" :-@. I dont want to write any more abt that.

Disclaimer: The image solely owned by the producers of the movie and it should not be used for any commercial purpose

The other one is a movie which made me cock-a-hoop, passionate after watching that.... the movie is "ROCK ON". How did i miss this movie for such a long time dude ????????? The name describes the movie, this is one such a movie where the casting, Music, and especially the cinematography everything has been on the par to world class. For a long time i was reckoning that Bollywood has lost its own roots n started trying to become "Indian Hollywood", come on guys wake up, soch le, we should not try to replicate them. ok let me not get into the other context it needs to be uttered seperately. Amidst these urban chaos this "ROCK ON" is a BIG BANG, atleast for me a 200% satisfactory movie. This is not a Larger-than-life movie but it reminds you that there is nothing-larger-than-living-the-desired-life. Perfect start, Parfectly carried all the way till end and perfect finish as well. This is a movie abt a Rock band where the music is vital n "Shanker Ehsaan Loy" have really made the "Magic" work with their electrifying music. Would you believe that this is Farhan Akthar's first time experience in front of the camera.... no i won't buy that. He is amazing in acting as well, he does everything best "Master of all trades" he has sung 5 songs in this movie.Kudos to Abishek kapoor the director, im loving it. JOB DONE WELL.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ayan - Paisa vasool

After Vaaranam ayiram (VA) surya's next venture, but we wont remember the VA surya even for a split second. 100% transformation and there are hardly any scenes without surya... yes he is showing up in each n every scene n still justifies that. Tamanna perfectly plays her role, fits aptly on that role.A very swift and smart 1st half, screenplay is made perfectly suitable for the story which keeps us engrossed in the movie. I wonder if Director KV Anand worked as a customs officer ever, this guy has done some damn good 'R n D' before sitting to develop the story, a pat on the back for that. No big flaws on the 1st half, in no time the interval comes.

In the second half i slowly started to correlate this story to some other movie n that is nothing but 'catch me if u can', yes that is from where the bottom story line has been taken n creatively modified to a different package, a package suitable for the Tamil audience. Second half had a lot of twist and turns in the story n eventually it ends happily as 99% of tamil movies.

Technically, the 1st song was shot in many locations and we could see a lot of hardwork n technology involved behind that song. They have tried some new unseen locations and M.S.Prabhu the cinematograper has experimented few shots in the song shot on a desert ( There is one shot where the camera moves erratically upside down while focussing Tamanna .... i liked that one). Music, There are five songs but "Vizhi moodi" song sizzles.. stays in the heart.. others aren't so bad but not as brilliant as the ones in Vaaranam Ayiram.End of the day its a paisa vasool movie n for those who dont know 'AYAN' means Numero Uno.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Weekends" - The fuel to live the Weekdays

Photo stolen from thriu's blog...

Hope everyone accepts the fact given in the title of this post. Yes !! Weekends are fillinp up our fuel tanks to travel thru the weekdays. Starting Friday night till Monday morning 2 short days ( i feel the weekend days are shorter than the weekdays ) to reclaim our life. Last weekend was another special one, I met one of my frend "thiru" after his U.S sojourn. I couldn't meet him on saturday however managed to meet him on Sunday. We all (me,bala,pradeep,thiru) gathered @ bala's house and decided to go out for a 'dine n wine'. Ambassador Pallava (chennaites must be aware of this hotel).... is the place we decided to go. its good enough to fulfill our purpose. We got a seperate cabin like place to sit ( becoz of thiru ... he patronizes this place with his colleagues ) n started to soak in fun for 3 hrs....was a damn good time.. all mocking each other outrageously. We travelled in the time machine to past (seen) n future (unseen)....n that became one more jubiliant memory in my album....Fuel filled good to go ...for a week.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I am on a giant wheel ride now

Like everyone after reluctantly putting a full stop to the studies, it was time to dust my funny side off and start searching for a MNC tag to wear around my neck. at this part of life, most of the youngsters who are on the hunt of a job will look @ the person as a narayana moorthy or Ratan Tata who was wearing one.we used to believe that these are the guys who are born intelligent and they are running the shows for the MNCs which i realised is wrong in the later years. Tags and access cards these are the targets, it can be a xyz company but if you have these equipments then you are respected among your fellas.
Initially one of my frend referred me to his MD, it was a small company, then it was there in the second floor of the shopping complex loacted next to the Benz Park hotel (GN Chetty Road) and after a year got into a MNC with the help of my frenz. after few months of maverick life (no proper schedules :-P) like going to bed around 2-3-4 AM and waking up to have my late lunch... hit the shower....get ready....take the bike... meet my frenz who were also mavericks no different from me :-))) and roam... measuring the lenght n breadth of this huge city. So it was all fun do whatever or go wherever you want at ur will. After living such REAL LIFE... think abt this routine...time of going to bed hasnt changed much though.. its same like around 2-3-4-5 sometimes 9 AM.... wakeup to have the late lunch...hit the shower....get ready in formals....TAKE MY MNC TAG and wear it around my neck (Then was a dream now its a nightmare :-))....take the bike....straight to the office where a seperate chair awaits for me,,,,open and start coding... n for the next 10-12 hrs i am a machine handling a machine. I started to think about next interesting thing in my life ,once i started feeling that i am caught in the middle of a stereotype of life.... i started feeling like a Person caged on a giant wheel placed on a amusement park... where he will be enjoying the first few rides on it but only first few rides..... Though he is placed amidst more happiness and fun around him across the amusement park all he can do is just sit n watch in the cycle motion and he will be used to it after one point of time.... Here amusement park is our life and if you want to enjoy all the fun hidden in our life break the cage n come out of your giant wheels.... set yourself free.... i am on the way to do it....n i will do it some day.... very soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mumbai attacked but not affected

For those who saw the first clippings in the news channels would have thought it is happening somewhere in Russia or some other country, coz this kinda attacks never happened in our country and we never thought it will. Not only mumbai the whole country was shaken by the incident but eventually the Good prevailed over evil. Here is a small video created by me with the images i got from the internet. Dedicated to all those jawans who fought on that day to free those hostages.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Plans go wrong

Last 2 days i was out of town to attend one of my frenz father death condolence. It was a unplanned trip but somehow managed to get tickets for both 'To n Fro'. I am a music maniac and always loved to travel with a head set plugged into my ears but that wont happen if i am travelling with my frenz coz they are born to disturb each other. My plan was to use my mp3 player throughout my return journey coz while returning i am the only guy whose gonna come back to chennai on saturday all other frenz will go to their native places n will come to chennai on Monday morning and straight away they will go to their cages i mean their offices. So i have full 3 - 4 hours of undisturbing musical journey till the battery is down.
During those 2 days all my frenz tried to grab the player from me to hear songs but i refused to give'em coz i didn't carry my data cable which is the instrument helps in charging this player, so the more they use the less i will be able to hear in my return journey. Somehow as per my plan i managed to keep that away from'em till yesterday morning 11 AM. Afternoon @ 3.15 is my train to chennai from salem. It was one of the hottest days of this summer, after a 1 hr sweltering travel i reached the salem junction.I got on board to the train n opened the door of freedom, the freedom from the heat n sweat, as soon as i opened i felt like a fish which is thrown back into the water after suffering a 2 mins of human life.
My eyes started searching for my seat which could easily be found it is No.1 but for a moment i thought i got into the wrong entrance of the coach coz had if i climbed on to the other entrance, my berth is the first one no need to walk all the way, but as soon as i started walking towards the other end of the coach i realised i fortunately got into this entrance. yeah all pretty girls :-) . Slowly walked down and reached my berth.

I lied down on my seat and was reading my co passengers faces it clearly showed no one is interested in talking but to sleep. Service boy gave me a pillow n a blanket i placed them in a way that i could lie on the walls n start enjoying my music. I took my mp3 player out n plugged the headsets into my ears and i was shocked coz before i switch it on it was playing the song. The singer and song both died in the next 2 secs.....battery worn out :-(. I recollected what happened @ 11 AM, one of my frend took my player he listened to the music for few secs then i plucked it from him and never switched off so it was playing music since 11 AM to 3.15 PM .... battery down and me too......... Frustrated. The worst part is yet to come .... i consoled myself that as soon as reach home the next morning i will recharge the battery n will listen music for 1 hr.

I reached home @ 10.30 PM...kept my bag aside.... had my food.... surfed for few hours.... went to bed @ 2.30 AM.... woke up to see my bag soaked in water and washed by our maid.I asked my mom to bring the bag and took my mp3 player fully drenched. I have dismantled the player to dry out and while posting this it is in front of me drying out. My wait is still not over n i am not sure if it comes back to life and play music..... so thats how PLANS GO WRONG.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Me, Myself.....

Hi all,

If you are reading this then you could be one of the first few to read my 1st post... Thanks for that.

Lemme introduce me to u all. Me Madhan kumar a proud son of Govindha raj, Born on the year which doesnt have any significance in the history except my birth - 1982. Started my studying career crying @ 1985 in kindergarten continued in the same way till i wrote my final exam in my college @ 2004 .... whoa that is 19 looooooooong years. Since then i am spending my most of the time with this square box named computer coz i am a softwhere ? engineer. This is a small piece of me a lot more to share we will continue... For now a small clip of me..