Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love story - Erich segal

Before you continue reading this post, a small word of caution for those who haven't read this book and planning to read sooner,do not continue reading this post since it has spoilers and for those who doesn't have a plan to read, You better read the book :-).

This really is the Mother of all poignant Love storiesWhy ? The story was first published in 1970, when the love stories were accustomed to have a "And-they-lived-happily-ever" ending but then when this book was published it left a dent on everyones heart whoever read that. If you were born between 1970-80,  you would have been named as 'Jenny' if you are a female and 'Oliver' if you are male, Yes the characters made such a huge impact on the readers.

Whenever we read stories few of them amazes us on author's intellectual skills.we will register few of the ideas into our brain to apply them in our real time situations but these kinda stories never make it to our heart but LS is something straightaway finds a place in your heart and the protagonists are going to remain there for decades. The book has a sequel released in 1977,the name is 'Oliver's story'. I am desperately looking forward to read that one.

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