Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When i close my eyes.....

Right now I don't have any prominent thing in particular to share, but i wanted to share few things which are staying inside me for quite a long time now. Yes there are few anecdotes, places, acquaintances, machines, colors, dresses, vehicles,paths, books, movies ......∞. My mind wanders among these whenever i close my eyes. Interesting thing is not all of those has made a scar in my life except few but still they all stay inside me. So I wanted them to be recorded somewhere and i don't have a better place than my blog.

When I close my eyes.....

.......Small...very small wooden chairs of my kindergarten classroom.

.......The corridor where i used to play frantically in the lunch breaks.

......Sindhu.... a cute little girl who would have their fleshes in her nail by fierce pinches if someone even think of drinking water from her pet bottle but would tender me that bottle with so much care.

......A small customized  rectangular shaped seat, which my father used to fix on his bicycle handle bar to seat me.

......Terrace of my hindi tutor's house.

....... 2 elder boys with the same name 'Prem' , both of them were my childhood guardians.

....... The 'Train' cracker that we used to fire on diwalis

This is going to be a ever-growing post, whenever my mind revisits(past) or imagines something new, I am gonna update this post.Keep looking this one.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Love story - Erich segal

Before you continue reading this post, a small word of caution for those who haven't read this book and planning to read sooner,do not continue reading this post since it has spoilers and for those who doesn't have a plan to read, You better read the book :-).

This really is the Mother of all poignant Love storiesWhy ? The story was first published in 1970, when the love stories were accustomed to have a "And-they-lived-happily-ever" ending but then when this book was published it left a dent on everyones heart whoever read that. If you were born between 1970-80,  you would have been named as 'Jenny' if you are a female and 'Oliver' if you are male, Yes the characters made such a huge impact on the readers.

Whenever we read stories few of them amazes us on author's intellectual skills.we will register few of the ideas into our brain to apply them in our real time situations but these kinda stories never make it to our heart but LS is something straightaway finds a place in your heart and the protagonists are going to remain there for decades. The book has a sequel released in 1977,the name is 'Oliver's story'. I am desperately looking forward to read that one.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interpreter of maladies - by Jhumpa lahiri

This is the first book by Jhumpa and it is a collection of 9 short stories. The book has won the Pulitzer prize for Fiction 2000, truly deserves one. Her prose is scintillating and so meticulous that she can write a short story on just combing your hair. She helps us a lot in visualizing the vicinities where the story dwells through her amazing endowment on describing every character, every place, every mood in detail. kudos to that. The title might suggest that all the stories carry only maladies, No thats not the case, not all of them falls on that line, the stories are coated with sensible humor, irony and impersonal compassion. I was gratified (thanks to those reviews i read which urged me to buy this book). My Favorite stories are : "A Temporary matter" and "A Real durwan".

disclaimer : the image is solely owned by the publisher of the book

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chetan Baghat - Making me read like never before

    "He is making Indians read like never before" - Times of India

     That is one of the blurbs i read on the "Praises to the Author" page in his maiden book (as writer) "Five point someone" and so is it for me as a reader (its quite a long gap so i would admit it as maiden). I didn't understand the truth hidden on that review until i finished reading that book. For a rookie reader to finish a book in 2 sittings :-) is something to crow.

 The credit goes not to the reader but to the author who dumped so much indulgence on it.The moment i finished FPS, i was craving to read all his publications so far and i did that too. In the next 4 days i quenched my thirst by reading all his 4 publications on the trot.

Next thing I did, Logged in to Orkut and registered myself as a member to one his fans community. For those, who are used to Paulo coelho, Jhumpa Lahiri...etc this post of Praising Chetan Baghat might sound as a heap of amplified statements but for me he is the one who kindled the Passion of reading in me, so I have to be, I should be and I will be all praises for him.

    I wouldn't declare his narration is impeccable rather I would say the blemishes are trivial though.He certainly will make the book a worthy buy, by putting us many times in a Nostalgic situation and will make us smile,frown,pity,long and what not. His prose is more of pragmatic rather than a fabricated one and thats what helps us to relate to situations at ease. When you could easily relate to the situations, you are more attracted to the novel and the author, thats where chetan baghat scores. I am thankful to him for inducing in me one of the celebrated and healthy addictions - "Reading". He has made me to read like never before and I am certain he would have made such impact in many as that blurb reads.

disclaimer: the images are solely owned by the Publisher of the books