Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 days of indulgence

It always gives a pleasure to any beings to get pampered. Last weekend was one such occasion for me, yes going to one of your frenz home is something you should never miss especially if its pradeep's home (salem) .... naa never :-). Occasion was one of my frendz marriage, it was on sunday morning on a hotel located between erode and bavani so our plan was to reside on pradeep's home @ salem and attend the marriage from there. Salem/Erode these are some of the destinations which always kindles the eternal reminiscences of college days so whenever i get a chance of visting these places i jump in. We reached salem JN by 6 AM, sky was gloomy, air was so cool, gave me a hill station feeling and also an urge for a hot cup of tea. we reached home in few mins and we were welcomed with a hot cup of tea (i was so happy). Me, Tma,pradeep n pradeep's dad were involved in a interesting chat for an hour then we slept for an hour or so... had breakfast... gagged for few hours and had lunch... then we left to 'Hot shots' a place we used to patronize during our college days to play snooker. We played for 2-3 hrs.Next day attended the marriage reception and returned back home, we went for a pleasant walk in the evening around home that was a big time, will stay for few years with me.

Crying clown

My first rap....goes like this....

Take away from me all that you can grab
but i swear i'll shatter if you backstab
i cant stand all that you backbite
hit me straight if you're f**cking right

Making everyone happy is all that i know
whoever..whatever.. i never used to say NO
but when someone try to take me on a ride
i'll defend myself to save my own pride

There is nothing that i own
here i am sitting all alone
pretending as if i was never blown
but you know what... i am a crying clown