Thursday, July 29, 2010

Inception - are you awake ?

            "Dreams",an exciting subject christopher nolan has taken in his hands this time. We all know how good he is on weaving intricated stories impeccably with his amazing script/screenplay writing ability.He proves himself again with a big hard bang by giving us the INCEPTION.such subjects gives you eternal freedom on anything and everything.It could be on visualizations or could be on characterizations or could be on atmosphere or could be on anything that you could imagine.Your imagination is your limit, when you go beyond that, the dream world exists from where Nolan makes a convincing story out of it.

           Fantacy could have been an easy option but what the director has done in this movie is intelligence. you as an audience will be convinced on the subject completely no matter what.Though the movie is a pile of new ideas, the very core of the movie is the most interesting part which is 'Planting an idea in the mind of a person through dreams'. This left the audience with their jaws stuck atleast me. Ok goody,now you got a great bottomline, but can you enhance and develop it as a complete story ? "YES WHY NOT" says Nolan and he does that using "Nested dreams" - A dream inside a dream inside a dream inside a dream.... till you wakeup :-) interesting ain't it ? not yet ? ok how'bt this ? Those nested dreams can be shared by many people,will be designed by an architect and it will be controlled by a person. This is achieved using a technology called 'Dream-sharing'. what ya say now :-) ? I dont want to do the autopsy of the movie hence i leave it here about the story.

            Certainly a great research and thought process has been done by Nolan and his crew before he took the pen in his hand,it shows on the screen and pays on the box office.Leonardo di caprio is my man, he is truly showing all the signs of a great actor and that is why he has become a favorite hero for all the good film makers. As the movie progresses, Nolan plants a thought in the audience mind too, that is to swing a totem once we reach home n check if it topples :-), i did it i bet you'll do too.

Verdict : Don't Miss it.PERIOD.