Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When i close my eyes.....

Right now I don't have any prominent thing in particular to share, but i wanted to share few things which are staying inside me for quite a long time now. Yes there are few anecdotes, places, acquaintances, machines, colors, dresses, vehicles,paths, books, movies ......∞. My mind wanders among these whenever i close my eyes. Interesting thing is not all of those has made a scar in my life except few but still they all stay inside me. So I wanted them to be recorded somewhere and i don't have a better place than my blog.

When I close my eyes.....

.......Small...very small wooden chairs of my kindergarten classroom.

.......The corridor where i used to play frantically in the lunch breaks.

......Sindhu.... a cute little girl who would have their fleshes in her nail by fierce pinches if someone even think of drinking water from her pet bottle but would tender me that bottle with so much care.

......A small customized  rectangular shaped seat, which my father used to fix on his bicycle handle bar to seat me.

......Terrace of my hindi tutor's house.

....... 2 elder boys with the same name 'Prem' , both of them were my childhood guardians.

....... The 'Train' cracker that we used to fire on diwalis

This is going to be a ever-growing post, whenever my mind revisits(past) or imagines something new, I am gonna update this post.Keep looking this one.

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