Saturday, January 9, 2010

So...How was 2009 ?

This is a cliched topic which finds a place in almost all the bloggers pages. It deserves such prominence after all a year beckons us with 365 opportunities, 365 surprises, 365 challenges and what not. It remains the same as ever, it is us who age, change, raise, decline, laugh, wail, wrath.... through the course of its time. Ok  lemme stop this shakesperism and look back 2009. There were many milestones personally here are few of them.

....Got a promotion thru a internal project jump. To me, moving out of my old  'Wax on A**' team (professionally A-team-with-great-visibility ;-) ] gave much reason to rejoice than the promotion.

....I started doing this what i am doing right now... bingo! started to write my own blog (Going gr8 so far).

....Earned my own respect in the new team.

....Traveled a lot than the last year

....Chetan bhagat opened the gates to my Book reading habit, as a result i introduced myself to Jhumpa lahiri,Paulo ceolho,Erich segal and few more authors and finished 10 different novels in 3 months (I am elated abt this new beginning )

.... I owned/own a Bullet classic 350... since then its not just ride it is Pride-ride ;-)

.... One more year, one more opportunity went as a vain attempt in shaping me up physically. ( but i still feel its just the year which is lost not my hopes )

....Took steps to kill the monotonous mode of my life and its doing wonders now.

So overall it was a year which had more reasons to celebrate than to moan , indeed it was a happy journey, hope 2010 has more fun to splash out on me /the entire world.

                    Happy New year !!! 

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