Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thevar magan - My Favourite scene.

Today saw Devarmagan movie, after 18 years even today the movie gives the same feeling of what it gave when i saw it for the 1st time. If Tamil Industry prepares a profile of its own career...the achievements list would not miss Devarmagan, Truly one milestone in Tamil Cinema industry. Out of the whole movie if i am asked to pick a scene which pulls you inside the story, indeed it would be tough to resist the urge of choosing the whole movie but still the scene which is given below defines how good a actor sivaji ganesan was/is. There are few ppl who would impeach the acting skills of sivaji ganesan by saying his as 'Overplaying', for those all-mouth-no-action hypocrites,watch this video where you would fail if you try to get a glimpse of sivaji, all you could see is 'Thevar ayya' and 'Thevar ayya' alone.

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