Saturday, March 28, 2009

Plans go wrong

Last 2 days i was out of town to attend one of my frenz father death condolence. It was a unplanned trip but somehow managed to get tickets for both 'To n Fro'. I am a music maniac and always loved to travel with a head set plugged into my ears but that wont happen if i am travelling with my frenz coz they are born to disturb each other. My plan was to use my mp3 player throughout my return journey coz while returning i am the only guy whose gonna come back to chennai on saturday all other frenz will go to their native places n will come to chennai on Monday morning and straight away they will go to their cages i mean their offices. So i have full 3 - 4 hours of undisturbing musical journey till the battery is down.
During those 2 days all my frenz tried to grab the player from me to hear songs but i refused to give'em coz i didn't carry my data cable which is the instrument helps in charging this player, so the more they use the less i will be able to hear in my return journey. Somehow as per my plan i managed to keep that away from'em till yesterday morning 11 AM. Afternoon @ 3.15 is my train to chennai from salem. It was one of the hottest days of this summer, after a 1 hr sweltering travel i reached the salem junction.I got on board to the train n opened the door of freedom, the freedom from the heat n sweat, as soon as i opened i felt like a fish which is thrown back into the water after suffering a 2 mins of human life.
My eyes started searching for my seat which could easily be found it is No.1 but for a moment i thought i got into the wrong entrance of the coach coz had if i climbed on to the other entrance, my berth is the first one no need to walk all the way, but as soon as i started walking towards the other end of the coach i realised i fortunately got into this entrance. yeah all pretty girls :-) . Slowly walked down and reached my berth.

I lied down on my seat and was reading my co passengers faces it clearly showed no one is interested in talking but to sleep. Service boy gave me a pillow n a blanket i placed them in a way that i could lie on the walls n start enjoying my music. I took my mp3 player out n plugged the headsets into my ears and i was shocked coz before i switch it on it was playing the song. The singer and song both died in the next 2 secs.....battery worn out :-(. I recollected what happened @ 11 AM, one of my frend took my player he listened to the music for few secs then i plucked it from him and never switched off so it was playing music since 11 AM to 3.15 PM .... battery down and me too......... Frustrated. The worst part is yet to come .... i consoled myself that as soon as reach home the next morning i will recharge the battery n will listen music for 1 hr.

I reached home @ 10.30 PM...kept my bag aside.... had my food.... surfed for few hours.... went to bed @ 2.30 AM.... woke up to see my bag soaked in water and washed by our maid.I asked my mom to bring the bag and took my mp3 player fully drenched. I have dismantled the player to dry out and while posting this it is in front of me drying out. My wait is still not over n i am not sure if it comes back to life and play music..... so thats how PLANS GO WRONG.

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