Sunday, June 14, 2009

India out of T20 Worldcup

The news is defending T20 champions thrashed out of the tournament, yes india is out of the T20 worldcup. Dream of a billion comes to an end. Though the indian team had the best batting lineup of all other teams, everyone struggled other than yuvi. The opponents has spotted out the weakness of each indian batsmen especially the top order. Almost all of the young lads like Rohit sharma, Suresh raina and Ravinder Jadeja are struggling for the short ball. They need to put some desperate effort in the nets to overcome that, else certainly in the next match they can expect more balls coming towards their nose than to their waist. Bowling department showed convincing form, atleast here in the overseas they get a chance to prove. As a captain there was nothing extraordinary, there were one or two occasions where he came up in the order which slowed the pace of the match. In 20-20 format scoring run a ball is not at all enough, the scoring rate should be atleast with a strike rate of 150, our openers and top order failed to do that, they need to be more aggressive like yuvi. Yuvi was the targeted key batsmen for any team played against us. He has the capability of turning the match to indian side untill he is there in the crease. If he is out there then its a pain for the opponent team captain. Ok! Verdict is india is not yet seasoned enough to dominate the overseas venues.

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