Friday, June 12, 2009

Ever felt Paranoid ?...Don't sucks man :-@

What is happening to me right now in my life is something i have never gone thru before.This is one phase of my life i am feeling me differently. My way of thinking,acting,reacting,understanding things as a matter of fact my way of living is weird from my nature. Problem is i am feeling paranoid, yes suddenly i started feeling there are no frendz in whom i can put my trust on,hard to live with this.for me dunno how to get outta its not something to be sorted out from my end. Has to be dealt with my frendz, will do that looking for a appropriate time. Its leaking drop by drop now,lemme stop it right away before there is a flood around me which might drown me in.


  1. u gt a buddy u can count on mate!!! life's a bitch... but learn to love her!!! ;) cheerio!!!


  2. @Thiru

    Yes i know and i put my trust on very few and you are one among them. :-).