Friday, June 26, 2009

Moonwalker walked for the last time

Music lost its identity on 25th june 09. The iconic legend who was the 1st known english singer for those who born after 80's is dead. An era of a great musician came to sudden end before his comeback tour... he is never gonna comeback. Apart from the controversial personal life as a musician he is irreplacable and unforgettable. His album remains still the most sold in the history of music. He has inspired more than 2 generation of people with his plethoric talent in singing and dancing. We knew him as the 1st person to moonwalk on earth. The King of Pop died on June 25th due to a severe cardiac arrest. We are gonna miss his short pants,white socks, Black hat, Black shoes and the hauuuuuuuuu !!!!. We are gonna miss his casual moonwalk. We are gonna miss you Mike. You will live as long as the music exists, R.I.P.

All these years i was searching for a significant incident on my b'day to happen but i never expected that MJ will die on the same day when i was born.

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