Saturday, July 18, 2009

Breaking points of my life

There will be some factor for every individuals which pushes them to stick on to this process of existing i mean surviving every day, for someone it might be money, for someone it might be depends and differs. For few there may not be anything and still they don't give a damn abt it and they will continue living but i am not such a numbed zombie. I know what makes me live my life at ease, the list is a short one but i live with it.
smells, Music, Movies, Places,few good people and serenity. It might sound weird if i say that i breakdown whenever i smell few particular smells, when i hear a song when i am alone, when i watch movies engrossed, when i go to some places which had made a scar in my life by good means or otherwise and few people i meet. I have to talk a movie about each of those on how they make a mark everytime when i encounter them. so i'll write more on it.

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