Monday, May 25, 2009

Bangalore Sojourn

After a year and half gap we went to bangalore on the May 1st long weekend. First time in car from chennai and the road made us to think about visiting bangalore often becoz it was well maintained throughout till bangalore, definitely Commendable. Bangalore as ever it fulfilled our expectations,This city is unique in whole south hmmmm whole india i should say. youngalore is how it should have been renamed rather than Bengaluru, its hard to see old ppl there. you will keep yourself young by heart and by body with ease if you live there. Whenever i visit bangalore i always feel bad for missing out such a groovy place. We stayed @ one of our friend's (Yuvaraj a.k.a Yuvi) Flat. We were there for 2 1/2 days, 1st day we went to a waterfalls around 130 kms away from the city. It was a rock mountain where we couldnt see either much crowd or a falls. There comes a local guy, he took us all the way down the mountain it was steep steeper steepest. with full of slippery surface it was a adventures trekking experience should have burnt 1 or 2k calories :-p. Its good that everything gone well and no mishap happened, we came back safely.

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