Saturday, April 25, 2009

Neyveli Township

Last week i went to Neyveli, the origin of our chennai electricity. I was amazed by many things lemme list out. First and foremost the "Neyveli Township" its a town built and maintained by the NLC (Central Government). i have never seen such a planned city in tamilnadu so far it was like roaming inside a Defence area, each n every road (Avenues not roads) that you hit will stretch out for 8-10 kms dead straight and every 200 meters a intersection, every 1 km a roundtana and importantly Trees on road's shoulders and even in the dividers. Its a natural shooting spot, i wonder how we are missing this serene location in our Tamil movies, i bet a full movie can be shot there. IF you get a chance to visit dont miss it. oh yeah i forgot to tell what was the occasion, jus visited one of frendz grandma's house. Nice Trip, one more to cherish.


  1. Ya ur fact is true...........
    Neyveli is a very pleasant place to live........

  2. @Dhivya

    you are the first acquaintance to visit and comment on my post, you made my day :-). Thanks a ton for that.