Friday, April 3, 2009

I am on a giant wheel ride now

Like everyone after reluctantly putting a full stop to the studies, it was time to dust my funny side off and start searching for a MNC tag to wear around my neck. at this part of life, most of the youngsters who are on the hunt of a job will look @ the person as a narayana moorthy or Ratan Tata who was wearing one.we used to believe that these are the guys who are born intelligent and they are running the shows for the MNCs which i realised is wrong in the later years. Tags and access cards these are the targets, it can be a xyz company but if you have these equipments then you are respected among your fellas.
Initially one of my frend referred me to his MD, it was a small company, then it was there in the second floor of the shopping complex loacted next to the Benz Park hotel (GN Chetty Road) and after a year got into a MNC with the help of my frenz. after few months of maverick life (no proper schedules :-P) like going to bed around 2-3-4 AM and waking up to have my late lunch... hit the shower....get ready....take the bike... meet my frenz who were also mavericks no different from me :-))) and roam... measuring the lenght n breadth of this huge city. So it was all fun do whatever or go wherever you want at ur will. After living such REAL LIFE... think abt this routine...time of going to bed hasnt changed much though.. its same like around 2-3-4-5 sometimes 9 AM.... wakeup to have the late lunch...hit the shower....get ready in formals....TAKE MY MNC TAG and wear it around my neck (Then was a dream now its a nightmare :-))....take the bike....straight to the office where a seperate chair awaits for me,,,,open and start coding... n for the next 10-12 hrs i am a machine handling a machine. I started to think about next interesting thing in my life ,once i started feeling that i am caught in the middle of a stereotype of life.... i started feeling like a Person caged on a giant wheel placed on a amusement park... where he will be enjoying the first few rides on it but only first few rides..... Though he is placed amidst more happiness and fun around him across the amusement park all he can do is just sit n watch in the cycle motion and he will be used to it after one point of time.... Here amusement park is our life and if you want to enjoy all the fun hidden in our life break the cage n come out of your giant wheels.... set yourself free.... i am on the way to do it....n i will do it some day.... very soon.

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