Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ayan - Paisa vasool

After Vaaranam ayiram (VA) surya's next venture, but we wont remember the VA surya even for a split second. 100% transformation and there are hardly any scenes without surya... yes he is showing up in each n every scene n still justifies that. Tamanna perfectly plays her role, fits aptly on that role.A very swift and smart 1st half, screenplay is made perfectly suitable for the story which keeps us engrossed in the movie. I wonder if Director KV Anand worked as a customs officer ever, this guy has done some damn good 'R n D' before sitting to develop the story, a pat on the back for that. No big flaws on the 1st half, in no time the interval comes.

In the second half i slowly started to correlate this story to some other movie n that is nothing but 'catch me if u can', yes that is from where the bottom story line has been taken n creatively modified to a different package, a package suitable for the Tamil audience. Second half had a lot of twist and turns in the story n eventually it ends happily as 99% of tamil movies.

Technically, the 1st song was shot in many locations and we could see a lot of hardwork n technology involved behind that song. They have tried some new unseen locations and M.S.Prabhu the cinematograper has experimented few shots in the song shot on a desert ( There is one shot where the camera moves erratically upside down while focussing Tamanna .... i liked that one). Music, There are five songs but "Vizhi moodi" song sizzles.. stays in the heart.. others aren't so bad but not as brilliant as the ones in Vaaranam Ayiram.End of the day its a paisa vasool movie n for those who dont know 'AYAN' means Numero Uno.

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