Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rock on and on and on.....

This is a long weekend for me, holiday on friday for "Good Friday" yeah this really the good friday among all other fridays in a year..gets us a break for 3 days :-P. I saw 2 movies during this bail out, 1 among them is "ONG BAK 2" - i have 4 words as my review of the movie " DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE " lemme add 2 more words " IT SUCKS" :-@. I dont want to write any more abt that.

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The other one is a movie which made me cock-a-hoop, passionate after watching that.... the movie is "ROCK ON". How did i miss this movie for such a long time dude ????????? The name describes the movie, this is one such a movie where the casting, Music, and especially the cinematography everything has been on the par to world class. For a long time i was reckoning that Bollywood has lost its own roots n started trying to become "Indian Hollywood", come on guys wake up, soch le, we should not try to replicate them. ok let me not get into the other context it needs to be uttered seperately. Amidst these urban chaos this "ROCK ON" is a BIG BANG, atleast for me a 200% satisfactory movie. This is not a Larger-than-life movie but it reminds you that there is nothing-larger-than-living-the-desired-life. Perfect start, Parfectly carried all the way till end and perfect finish as well. This is a movie abt a Rock band where the music is vital n "Shanker Ehsaan Loy" have really made the "Magic" work with their electrifying music. Would you believe that this is Farhan Akthar's first time experience in front of the camera.... no i won't buy that. He is amazing in acting as well, he does everything best "Master of all trades" he has sung 5 songs in this movie.Kudos to Abishek kapoor the director, im loving it. JOB DONE WELL.

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