Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wept for the long gone steam engines

    The title would have certainly made you say... What ? ... weeping ? that too for a steam engine ? c'mon dude. Even I am myself such a guy who wont buy that even on a situation where  a girl lying on my chest looking at my eyes straight with full of love saying so... but, i have to admit YES i cried. I cried for the discontinuation of steam engines on India. There is this illustrious NatGeo Documentary " The Great Indian Railways ", all those who indulge in watching Discovery, NatGeo or so called infotainment channels would have come across this Doc. It was shot a decade before i.e., in the early 90's when our National railways authorities decided to orphan the BLACK BEAUTIES... yes the steam engines were called so.

    This NatGeo documentary is one of the best, which will make you see the Steam engines as a living, Breathing thing. It certainly depicts the character that a Train has. May be because we indians are used to admire trains right from our childhood, May be because the Railway stations and Trains has been a part of all our great indian cinemas all these years, May be because Trains are the ones that took us to different destinations..for marriage ceromonies, for festivals, for a death of someone close to us, for a journey which would introduce us to our love, for the survival and for all the memorable journeys of life.....we see it more as a living being than just a giant transporter. Had if our Railway authorities seen this documentary before they decided to stop the steam engines, they would have  chose some other ways to keep these beauties to continue their admiring journeys. The impact that this documentary made on me is hard to describe. At the end of the movie i was weeping like a child who weeps watching her mother leaving him alone. I strongly recommend the video to all, especially to the train admirers. It really is a tribute to those BLACK BEAUTIES.

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