Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kamal haasan - The illusionist

    The name is illustrious for numerous things,you cant fit him into a single profile. He is the synonym for versatility and no one will deny that even those who criticize him.As far as i know or most of us know he is the only artist who have completed a 50 long but successfull years in the cinema industry.In the last few days i could see him frequently in the TV shows like interviews, debates.. which is definitely new to all of us becoz a artist at his standard will appear only in a month of sundays but he seem to be easily accessible to common man.
    I always used to admire him and every day its growing inside me like a bamboo plant. He is undoubtedly, certainly a legend and Tamil cinema industry is fortunate to have such artists in its stable. He lives for what he does, he does what he likes to live, he doesnt have different roles in life. Unlike a common man he doesnt have a personal and professional life seperately. He has only 2 things in his mind, 1.How to push his industry to next level ? and 2. how soon it can be done ? He may not be young phisically but he is restless, out of 53 years he has spent his 50 years in cinema, truely he is a apotheosis.

    Take the emotions and fury from Al Pacino, Take the mobster attitude from Robert de niro, Take the hillarious expressions from Rowan attkinson and mix them all 30 % of kamal haasan is ready but the remaining 70% ? no one else can fill that except kamal himself. He is very shrewd both on the screen and off the screen. Its hard to define him in few paragraphs it might need more than that. Though he is less educated, he is a university of life where you can learn anything about art,literature and even rationalism. Like kamaraj to Tamilnadu politics kamal is to Tamil cinema. It wont be a exaggeration if a Film institute is named after him.At 53 he is still a youth icon and a legend to follow. Let the next 50 years be more educative to us, the Movie maniacs. Long Live Kamal Haasan !

A Tribute to Dr.Kamala haasan


  1. Lest to say... a kid who became an actor, an actor who became a star, a star who became a legend... words fail me... an icon who made an indelible mark... personified by none other than Kamal himself... most actors act, few of them experiment, Kamal redefines... and is best at it!!! They say legends never die... generations to come... an actor of his calibre would only be an Urban Legend!!! Heil the 'Nayagan'!!!

  2. ^Thiru - Indeed, he is a legend and will remain immortal.