Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25 - My Birthday

            Before I could forget my last year b'day celebrations and happenings here comes my next b'day today. Who said a year is a long time ? I disagree :-) nevertheless this day is special to me and wishes from friends and family makes it more than just special. My sister made gulab jaamun to celebrate her dear younger brother's b'day (:-)) he he ).Its a weekday so option of roaming out is ruled out but i'll go to 'Raavanan' movie tonight booked at sangam.

           Personally in the past one year nothing has changed except my age and my age alone. I am still the same person who would immensely enjoy every note of good music that reaches my ears, I am still the same person who would go on journies without any destinations in my bullet. I am still the same person who doesnt grow old on staring at the eternal skies, I am still the same person who desires to bring down my weight but not doing that by hiding behind silly excuses :-). Hope this year would take me to the right places at the right time and more importantly with the right shape :-).

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