Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya -- Review

            Movie was over and as the Closing credits was playing on the screen, I was staring the screen with one question in my mind..... When was the last time I was bowled over by such a poignant love story ? and I couldn't remember myself ever been there in such situation in the recent past.... hmmmmm i would say not at all in the past. Yes! 'Alaipayuthe' made us to think about love, 'Love story' by erich segal made us to moan for their love,'Unnale unnale' gave us a glimpse of love in the pragmatic grounds but 'Vinnai thaandi varuvaaya' has raised the bar for the standard of love story to a different level. Its been a long pause since a full length intense love story based movie was released but fortunately Gautham has made our wait a worth.

            Gautham menon has proved his abilities on handling romance in all his previous movies. Though those movies' main theme revolved around a different plot, they all had a thin line of beautiful romance. This movie is a full lenght intense love story and gautham gets a nod unanimously from the audience as 'Yes he has done it again'.Story line is not a revolutionary one, but 'simply superb' is the word to define it. As he decribes in the promos of the movie 'poratti podudhu nammala '. Scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue love overflows but the feel of the movie wouln't have reached the audience if the protoganists failed to emote so well. Till date Simbu/Trisha's best ever performances.I am slightly unconvinced on Trisha's casting. There is no question of Trisha's performance but i felt like this story has to be done by fresh faces.
Simbu was brilliant in his role that is because we have never seen simbu so. He gives a fresh face feeling to us and that is what required for this story. I saw simbu as 'Karthik' but not Trisha as 'Jessi' atleast in few scenes.

        For such a story, music is the life and gautham was scare free and care free in this regard. Why not ? he has handed over the responsibility in the hands which holds 2 oscar and 2 grammys in it. First time joining hands with the Legendary A.R.Rahman and as expected the outcome drenched all of us through enthralling music. Like the 4 seasons.... Spring,Summer, Fall and winter whenever A.R.Rahman's audio launches, the next 2 months would be Rahman season, its Rahman season here now.Songs were placed at the right place at the right time. The visuals of the songs are stunning which adds more charm to them.

Verdict : Gautham Menon is the Phenomenon now.

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